• Brandon Moncy

Fun inflatables! Which one will you choose?

Updated: Feb 4

Warning: This post will make you want to jump around, be a kid at heart, and plan a party. You won't want to miss the chance to have any of these at your next event! Inflatables are fun for any age and will keep your guests entertained for hours. They'll be standing in line waiting for their turn! Check out what we have available!

The ultimate must have for a birthday party. Or really, any event! Let your guests get lost in their own world for a moment. Where the children can be entertained for hours, and adults can go back to their childhood. Our bouncy castles can accommodate anyone who's looking for a little adventure and fun!

Want your guests to get a little competitive? In the Bungee Run, each person wears a harness that is attached to a bungee cord. You then run towards the end of your lane, seeing who can make it the furthest before the cord pulls you back. The funnest part? You get to slide and bounce all the way back to the start! This inflatable will surely get the laughs going, and some fun competition!

I am personally fond of this one. The Human Billiard! Everyone loves a round of pool, right? Well imagine you're the cue stick. You're inside the pool table. Now just kick the over-sized billiard balls into each other and you've got a very active game of pool! You'll have to find out for yourself just how fun this is - you can only imagine!

Don't throw in the towel on this inflatable! The Boxing Ring is one more suitable for adults, you won't want to miss out on having this at your party. Padded gloves, headgear, and laughs are all included.

Let's keep the games going, shall we? The competition is all in fun! You and your guest will have a blast testing out your balance and agility. Two players stand on their pedestals, using the provided jousting poles to strike at each other. Whoever is left standing is the ultimate champion! All of the padding around you makes this safe yet fun for many ages.

We are happy to provide any of these inflatables for your event! We will go above and beyond, transferring it to the location of your party, and set-up. No hassle or worries on your end, just fun! Check out our products list on our page for pricing.

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